Food Enterprise Workshop Finishes

After a successful run of 17 months, The Food Enterprise Workshop has now come to a close.  The free introduction to food business workshop, which started at the end of March 2012 helped over 160 people progress their food business ideas with the last workshop finishing on August 30th of this year.

Leicester Market created the Food Enterprise Workshop to facilitate food businesses starting up in the city including new traders at the market and Leicester Food Festivals.  After many weeks of hard work securing finance, Leicester Market was granted funding from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Working Neighbourhoods Fund.

The workshop included a theory day where individuals could learn about key aspects of starting a business such as marketing, business planning, legal requirements and food hygiene in a purpose built unit in the indoor market.  Day 2 was the ideas/test trade day, where participants had the chance to sample their food idea and get feedback from the general public in order to conduct market research.

Workshop Manager, Adam Piotrowski said, ‘The workshop has had really good response from individuals completing.  There seems to be a real lack of support specific to new food businesses locally and this was one of the main reasons we came up with the concept of the workshop.’

The Food Workshop also had the privilege of a visit from none other than Levi Roots, of Reggae Reggae Sauce fame in September of 2012 to give workshop participants a chat about starting up in the food business.

‘When Levi Roots came, it was very exciting for the workshop.  He was very down to earth and I think that he gave some really useful advice to our new food entrepreneurs including the importance of believing in yourself and your product as well as a strong 5 year business plan,’ said Adam Piotrowski. 

The workshop certainly satisfied it’s goals in terms of helping individuals in food business.  Many of the participants that completed the workshop went on the trade at Market Corner and at the various food festivals that take place at Leicester Market.  The Summer Food and Drink Festival 2012 saw 3 former participants trading and this number increased subsequently for the next two festivals to 4 and then 8. 

One of the indicators of success was how many businesses were created.  The project was set a target of 7 businesses created by the ERDF, but it seems The Food Enterprise Workshop has surpassed this.

‘My estimate is that we will be able to evidence 10 businesses created as a direct result of the project, so we are really happy with this result,’ said Adam Piotrowski.

Shaun Miles, Head of Markets said, ‘We are very keen to support new food businesses in Leicester and although the project has sadly come to an end, we are looking to do something similar in the future.’

Please check the Leicester Market Website for any future updates.

The Food Enterprise Workshop (FEW)

General Terms and Conditions

Workshop Eligibility

  1. The 2 day workshop is free to attend but the below criterion has to be met to be considered eligible to participate:
    1. All persons must be over 18 years or older by the 1st day of the workshop.
    2. Persons must be an individual looking to start in business – not an agent or an owner of an established business.
    3. Persons must be a current resident of Leicester City and be able upon request provide proof of this i.e. A recent utility bill.
    4. Be eligible to reside, work and not be exempt from setting up a legal business within the UK.
    5. The individual must be able to confirm in writing that they have not have received EU de Mimimus support exceeding £66,000 during the last 3 years.
    6. The attendee has to adhere to all Fire / H&S / Food safety instructions and policies at all times.
    7. The attendee has to abide by FEW’s equality, sustainability and access policies plus FEWs general behaviour and housekeeping codes.
  2. The FEW has priority targets inherent, to support individuals that reside in the City’s most deprived areas; if the workshop is oversubscribed these individuals will be given priority and you may be contacted if your booking needs to be amended.
  3. The FEW reserves the right to refuse attendance of the workshop & are not duty bound to allow attendance onto the workshop.
  4. The Workshop has been funded by ERDF and Leicester City Council’s WNF and is compatible with Leicester City’s economic regeneration strategy.
  5. The workshops are expected to run form Feb / Mar 2012 through till Jul 2013. FEW may not be in a position to run workshops every week EG due to holidays or illness (Please refer to website for any planned breaks in service).
  6. The Workshop service and overall offer is subject to cancellation and amendment at any given time and without notice.
  7. For further background information surrounding the food workshop please ask a representative of FEW to view a copy of the Food Enterprise Support Programme ERDF Application.

Workshop Attendance

  1. The workshop will be delivered Mon– Fri during usual business hours at the purpose built unit sited within Leicester Indoor Market, Market Place, Leicester, LE1 5HQ.
  2. The dates and times of your specific workshop will appear on your booking notification but are subject to change as is deemed necessary.
  3. In exceptional circumstances the Workshop may take place in alternative premises. Attendees will be notified of this in advance.
  4. If there is a problem with your booking reservation you must contact FEW as soon as possible to discuss any problems. Any person who receives a booking reservation confirmation who does not subsequently attend without giving adequate notice will be prohibited from attending any future FEW workshops.
  5. Individuals who are booked on the workshop should give a minimum 48 hours verbal or written cancellation notice to be considered eligible for re-enrolment.
  6. The 2 day workshop reserves the right to terminate attendance of any individual, at any time, for any behaviour that is deemed not conducive to the smooth running of the workshop. With particular attention to the below:
    1. Discriminatory or aggressive attitudes
    2. All H&S briefings and instructions must be adhered to at all times. Any possible breaches will lead to instant removal (Health and Safety is of paramount importance for you, workshop staff and members of the public)
    3. Out of respect for other participating individuals and the FEW coach, time keeping must be strictly adhered to
  7. All fire safety instructions and evacuation procedures must be strictly observed and obeyed at all times.
  8. All H&S and Food Safety instructions must be adhered to at all times.
  9. FEW endeavours to provide as broad access as possible but the meeting of all needs in terms of access and language cannot be guaranteed. It is advised to mention on enrolment so we can discuss individual needs & concerns and advise accordingly.
  10. FEW will not be liable to any loss of earnings or travel costs if attendance is terminated or not completed successfully.
  11. Non-attendance of individuals without sufficient prior notice will not be allowed back onto subsequent workshops unless a Doctors sick note is produced or other valid reason is given and this is purely at the discretion of the FEW coach.
  12. FEW does not cover ANY travel costs to and from the workshop or ANY other costs accrued whilst attending the workshop EG Laundry costs.
  13. For whatever reason FEW is forced to cancel or postpone a workshop we will endeavour where possible to notify with reasonable notice. For whatever reason if this is not been possible we will not be liable to any costs or liabilities incurred.
  14. It is the sole role of the individual to check if attendance of the workshop affects any state benefits they receive EG Job Seekers Allowance.
  15. The free ingredients on offer are strictly subject to availability and are for use for ideas testing only. This is subject to direct approval form the coach and that a valid business case is in place and the individual has successfully completed Workshop Day One and will benefit from the Ideas testing. No cash alternatives or payments in kind will be available.
  16. The free ingredients from the larder are available to everyone, but only individuals that are able to produce evidence that they are receiving benefits and can provide valid receipts for food purchased will be reimbursed for ideas/test trade food.
  17. The ideas trading will take place either at the Indoor or outdoor Leicester Market and is subject to availability and the discretion of the FEW coach.
  18. Use of any/all catering and non-catering equipment is for ideas testing only and is subject to approval by the FEW coach. We are unable to loan out equipment for future use in any circumstances. 
  19. The FEW may not be able to accommodate all catering requests in terms of ingredients, trading areas or levels of supervision.
  20. To enrol and attend the Workshop you must be willing to fully complete the Workshop Application, CS + Registration, Worksheet and Evaluation Form.
  21. Any or all of the workshop is purely on a no obligation basis you can leave at any time.
  22. The Food Enterprise Workshop Workbook can be signed off as proof of successful completion of the workshop if the individual has completed the course as is deemed successful by the FEW coach. This certificate is not a nationally recognised qualification.

The £500 Start-up Grant

  1. Application for the grant is for any person who has successfully completed the 2 day workshop and met all the above Terms & Conditions by the deadline stated on the application form.
  2. Application for the £500 grant is not a compulsory part of the 2 day workshop.
  3. The grant is for equipment or kit ONLY which will be used expressly in assisting the individual to start up their own food business.
  4. Within the application process individuals have to detail a full business case detailing what the grant monies would purchase and what it would be used for and how.
  5. The Application and business case deemed most viable ( likely to succeed ) will be chosen and the successful applicant will be notified accordingly.
  6. If no person within the time frame stated on the application, has submitted a business case application that is deemed viable or at the appropriate level no grant will be issued.
  7. FEW decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  8. The Grant will be in the form of equipment only not services, ingredients, stock or cash
  9. It is the successful individuals responsibility to make sure the award of this grant will not affect any state benefits.
  10. The successful Individual must not have exceeded the EU de Minimus threshold of business support received upon receipt of this grant.
  11. The equipment / kit must be able to be purchased within Leicester City Council’s procurement framework.
  12. Reasonable notice for order and delivery of equipment must be expected.
  13. Receipt of the equipment must be retained by FEW for audit purposes only, but the successful grant applicant will be the legal owner.
  14. The winner must be available to receive the award in person and be willing to take part in all reasonable associated PR.
  15. FEW reserves the right to add and amend any of the above conditions as and when it feels appropriate.
  16. The £500 grant is subject to being cancelled and withdrawn at any time and without notice.


  1. FEW reserves to right to amend ALL the above terms and conditions at any time.
  2. FEW will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or cash whilst attending the Workshop.
  3. 3. Advice and information imparted as part of the workshop is designed to motivate, inspire and create confidence and is based on individual’s own experiences and information sourced which was correct at the time of workshop launch.
  4. Individuals who are ready to commit & start their own business are strongly advised to contact Business Link or on financial matters to seek professional help. No official financial advice or business start-up advice is offered as part of this workshop and as such FEW accept no liability for subsequent misdemeanours or financial loss that may result.
  5. All person attending details will be stored for project monitoring purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  6. By attending and completing the workshop you also give permission to be contacted by FEW or Leicester Market for on-going monitoring and evaluation purposes AND to be contacted in reference to related Market events, news and services..

For further information or clarification on any of the above please contact: -

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